Whatever happened to 3620 Clifton Avenue?

We first visited 3620 Clifton Avenue back in January. That’s when TPTB had made the decision to remove the house from the demolition list and give the owners another chance to make the necessary repairs.

From that post:
3620 Clifton house

“I am amazed that this house, which has been inspected and re-inspected by TPTB (and then some), was deemed worthy of a second chance. Sitting exposed to the elements for at least five years, sold for $200 to two guys who let it sit untouched for two more years (sale date January 2011) – it meant nothing to anybody until the city came knocking with the wrecking ball.”


Just a few days later, we revisited the house because the Demolition Board of Appeals decided to give the owners five more weeks to make repairs.

From that post:
“According to this article, “…owners of 3620 Clifton Ave. will get another five weeks to make repairs to that South Lorain home. For a second week, the condition of the structure sparked the most discussion in the demolition appeals board meeting.”

I had gone by the house on Tuesday and was surprised to see they had started on the exterior. Click on any of the following images to see them bigger, if you dare. ๐Ÿ˜€ ”
3620 Clifton new roof start


Demolition Board of Appeals meetings are held during the week and are impossible for me to attend. At the meeting held February 28, 2013, the owners were given another month to continue their work on the property. They were granted this extra time because they had roofed and secured the house, plus cleaned up the yard. [source]

Since then, 3620 Clifton Avenue has never been mentioned in the newspaper again. I’ve gone by there a few times over the past couple months, but never stopped to take pictures because nothing had changed. When I went by there two weeks ago, I surprised to see that the houses on either side had been demolished recently!
3620 Clifton north side

3620 Clifton south side

Good thing there are new windows all around (even if some are open and/or broken),
as there still isn’t any electric service. Wonder how that interior is coming along?
3620 Clifton N side elec meter

I know there are times when my pictures might not look as if they are straight. I do my best to make sure everything lines up and when it doesn’t, hopefully a little post processing tweak will make things right. This time, I wanted you to see what I see when it comes to the “straighten” grids. This picture is right out of the camera. I stood directly in front of the house and lined my shot up with the left side of the door frame. It isn’t me – this house does not sit straight!

3620 Clifton front w straighten grid

How long does the City have to let this go on? Are the owners now caught up in the cycle of permit perpetuity? As long as there’s a permit in the window, the City will continue to watch from the sidewalk. ๐Ÿ™„

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10 Responses to Whatever happened to 3620 Clifton Avenue?

  1. ree says:

    My first thought is . . . is it a “real” permit in the window? Or a photo copy or photoshopped piece of paper? If it’s valid, does it have an expiration date??

    This is a sad, sad house. All I can think of is how much money could have seem saved if it was knocked down when the other two were knocked down. All of the equipment was there, the work force was there, the roll offs were there. Eventually, they will end up knocking this POS down but in the meantime, the neighbors that remain are left to look at this. Shameful.

    • Lisa says:

      Imagine if they had taken my advice early on. The taxman and the demolition man would have been paid, this eyesore would have been gone, the neighbors would have been happy and these guys could have put a new home on the lot OR invested their money in a property with some real potential, not imagined.

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  3. I have linked and also posted on my blog
    great follow up Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Loraine! I don’t usually wait two weeks between shooting and posting because a lot can change, but since the City has proven that they can’t/won’t get off their duffs and walk two blocks to check out their own neighborhood, I thought I’d better help ’em out with this one.

  4. surrealgeorgia says:

    This house is so extremely ugly and in bad condition. I can’t understand why they still don’t knock it down, when there were houses knocked doen which were really pretty and which would be worth paing a lot of money for their renovation. Shake heads….

  5. surrealgeorgia says:

    LOL *head* I still have only one although I sometimes woould need some more to del with all the things I ahve to think of every day.

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